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“There is an image etched in the minds of every American when they hear the date December 7th, 1941. It is an image of the Arizona, sunk to its waterline, burning and smoking where it was once moored in the placid waters of Pearl Harbor Bay. For those who venture to Oahu and visit that solemn memorial, they bear witness to the once proud remnants of steel hull that lie just below the surface. In Repose offers us that rare glimpse. This book serves as more than just a memoir of that experience, it offers students of history and maritime archeology alike a personal tour of the Arizona below the surface, what forces shaped its final contours, and how the elements continue to wear down this still proud icon of America. For those who plan to visit the memorial in Pearl Harbor, this book should be read before you arrive as it will make your time at the museum’s underwater model of the Arizona for more meaningful than the cursory walk around most visitors dedicate to this amazing display. Well written and organized, O’Connor’s In Repose is a quick read that I expect will educate even the most well-read Arizona enthusiast.”

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