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Reviews and Comments

"Easy reading, and as a fellow diver I enjoyed the details, like I was there."

"I’m halfway through the book and I’m loving it. I can visualize the areas described and can identify with the sentiment expressed."

"If you’ve ever been to the Arizona Memorial or to the islands, you will enjoy this read. Very well written and very interesting. Brings back lots of memories."

"I read the first few pages and I am hooked. It is the next book on my list to read this winter. Brian has a way of captivating his audience. Thank you very much."

"Very interesting historical reading about diving, documenting and American history. Enjoyed very much."

"If you have an interest in Pearl Harbor, or the USS Arizona in particular, this book is a must read."

"The way Brian describes what he saw down deep in the ocean was as if you were seeing it with your own eyes. My husband is not much of a reader, but he could not put this book down. It's a great read. We are planning on giving some as Christmas gifts!"

"At first I was, honestly, a bit skeptical. I am not a big fan of history and didn't know much about the attack on Pearl Harbor. I was intrigued by the beautiful photo on the cover (yes, I judge books by their and had to check it out.

The book was fascinating. Mr. O'Connor's depth of knowledge is impressive. The information that is covered in the book is interesting. I felt like he was sitting with me telling me his story personally. It is very easy to read and provides some very vivid details. I could easily imagine standing at the visitor center looking down into the water and seeing the divers swimming around Arizona doing their regular maintenance.

I sincerely hope that this is the first of many more books by this author as he alludes to other adventures he has had in his long Naval career."

"This book on the Arizona was by far the best I have read. It not only brought back memories of my visit to the memorial, it made me remember my Navy career and my touches with history.

Your work with the NPS and researchers insures our combined history will be conserved for everyone for eons. WELL DONE shipmate."

"Thank you, Mr. O'Connor, for allowing me to glimpse a very important part of our Nation's history, through a lens I never expected. I recommend this read to anyone who has a passion for history!"

"Mr. O'Connor paints a vivid picture, not only through documenting and preserving the ship, but allowing readers a glimpse into the battle itself. He honors the memory of our men, forever preserving their ultimate sacrifice."

"This personable author has had the privilege of an experience that very few will ever know. The story is compelling and told with reverence. Reading it is like joining him on a dive and meeting history face to face. Savor the emotion."

"In Repose, at first glance a somewhat unassuming book with a beautiful cover. I sat down and started reading. Wow! Totally not what I expected at all. I found this to be an easy read. It is as if the author, Brian O'Connor, is sitting there next to you telling his story of the USS Arizona. What an adventure it was! The adventure of a lifetime to say the least. As a bonus, not only does Brian tell you about his dives on the remains of Arizona but he takes you on a couple more adventures. I truly hope that there is another book in his future detailing some more of his dives. What an interesting man with an amazing Naval career."

"Using sleuthful investigatory discipline and expert analysis, PO O'Connor has finally produced what should be the final word on the last moments of one of America's greatest symbols of its military might.  His book, recently released, is called simply, "In Repose" the final resting state of the U.S.S. Arizona with the remains of her crew still entombed at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.  It's the final accounting of what happened to the crew of the Arizona as it sank to the bottom of the harbor, but has risen in historic glory to the men who fought valiantly to save her."

"Not all of us can make it to the Arizona Memorial, and fewer still have slipped beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor to view her wreck directly. Brian OConnor
has had the privilege of caring for Battleship Arizona and tells his story of the path to direct contact with a ship he loves and of the many dives and the profound affect they had on him. Mr. O'Connor covers what happened to the ship in technical detail, and we learn how the ship's shattered hulk was mapped out and inspected, in a caring and respectful manner decades later. This is a fascinating read for those of us who can't make the final few feet of a pilgrimage to witness one of the United States' most catastrophic military losses."

"Although many visitors to Pearl harbor are familiar with the USS Arizona Memorial, author and Navy diver Brian O'Connor's book takes you under water to explore the ship herself. From an off chance encounter to fulfilling his lifelong dream of actually diving on ARIZONA, the author takes the reader on a detailed journey from bow to stern, a unique and fascinating depiction that broadens the historical perspective."

"Each December 7th, pennants are raised from the signal tower in the midst of Pearl Harbor. Today's sailors find the combination of pennants as an unreadable code. Yet the sailors of 1941, still standing at their posts aboard USS ARIZONA and USS UTAH, can read this 1941 era message clearly: To All Ships; Well Done.

This volume gives that respect in like manner ... "

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