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“In Repose” offers a fascinating new perspective to the story of USS Arizona and is a very fitting title for what the great ship has become. The ship became a tragic icon and rallying cry for America’s official entry into World War Two and the subject of study and debate for historians ever since her loss. Brian O’Connor offers a new perspective to the volumes of documents, books, and movies by telling the story of the ship in its underwater state and as a sacred site of remembrance. He offers a view afforded very few people by virtue of his description of the underwater study and maintenance of the ship. Based upon my own study of the attack and ARIZONA in particular, “In Repose” accurately depicts the loss, subsequent salvage work and construction of the Memorial spanning the wreck. It has sufficient detail to answer many questions about not only the condition of the wreck from a historian’s point of view but also offers insight to an emotional aspect often lost in the “stats and facts” of historical (especially military) study. It does not get lost in technicalities and become a dry, “sterile” fact sheet nor does it go on a tangent of superfluous sentiment. Well-thought-out and easily followed, “In Repose” is an “easy read” and very enjoyable from the start. I found it very difficult to put down.”

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